House Democrats Quietly Working to Eliminate RINO Adam Kinzinger’s District


Adam Kinzinger

It looks like the Democrats are about to throw RINO Kinzinger in the trash bin after using him to attack Trump.

House Democrats are quietly working on eliminating Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s Illinois district, according to Politico.

olitico reported:

Illinois lawmakers are on the verge of rolling out a new congressional map that will very likely gut Kinzinger’s exurban Chicago seat, according to several sources close to the redistricting process, leaving him with just a few bleak options for remaining in office next year.

The elimination of his district would force the veteran Republican congressman to choose between running in unfamiliar territory, possibly against another incumbent, or making a long shot run for governor or Senate in a blue state — and that assumes Kinzinger could prevail in a GOP primary after spending the last year criticizing a former president who remains beloved by the base.

Democrats in the state insist that Kinzinger’s likely fate is driven solely by geographical considerations. Thanks to declining population, Illinois is losing one of its 18 congressional districts, and Democrats in charge of the process need some of Kinzinger’s blue-leaning voters to shore up Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-Ill.) and an open seat in the northwest corner held by retiring Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.).

“If I lose my district, we’ll take a look then,” Kinzinger told Politico. “But I’m not too freaked out.”

Democrats have used Kinzinger to attack Trump and Pelosi even rewarded the RINO lawmaker by putting him on her January 6 select committee.

Weirdo Kinzinger put on quite a show during his opening statement on day one of the January 6 hearing.

Kinzinger started crying like a baby during the hearing, choked back tears as he bashed his own party and attempted to score points with the Democrats.

Now the Democrats are throwing him into the bin.

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