New York Republicans Want Cuomo Impeachment Findings Made Public

 Now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has announced his resignation — which will take place 12 days from now — it is unclear whether the New York state legislature will hold a formal impeachment vote against the disgraced governor.

Republicans on the New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee on Wednesday demanded the findings of the impeachment probe be released to the public, even though Cuomo resigned.

Nick Langworthy, the New York State Republican Committee Chairman, posted the statement on Twitter, saying the “impeachment investigation must continue.”

“NY Taxpayers have already paid the bill, now we are owed the facts. This isn’t just about

@NYGovCuomo, it is about his entire corrupt administration. What administration officials had roles in these many abuses of the public trust?” Langworthy added.

The statement reads:

The Republican members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee remain committed to completing our impeachment investigation of the governor. The people of the state of New York deserve a full, public disclosure of the information obtained during our search for the truth. We intend to hold Gov. Andrew Cuomo accountable on behalf of his victims, including the 15,000 innocent lives lost in nursing homes. This has been a thorough, significant endeavor and we will strive to bring closure to all of the grieving families.

Cuomo announced on Tuesday that he would resign following a report from New York Attorney General Letitia James concluding that the 11 women who accused the governor of sexual harassment were credible.

 Cuomo said during a press conference announcing his resignation that he didn’t want an investigation into his actions to distract legislators from other issues.

“I think that given the circumstances, the best way that I can help now is if I step aside and let the government back to governing,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo also said during his resignation speech that the allegations against him are false, while also apologizing to his accusers.

“My instinct is to fight through this controversy because I truly believe that it is politically motivated. I believe it is unfair and it is untruthful,” he said.

Following Cuomo’s announcement, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, who will become the next governor in Cuomo’s place, called the current governor’s action “repulsive” and “unlawful.” On Wednesday, she hinted at being open to releasing additional nursing home data relating to Cuomo’s disastrous policy that forced COVID-19-positive patients into nursing homes, resulting in 15,000 deaths. Cuomo’s office then attempted to cover up the scandal by altering a report while the governor was writing a book about his pandemic “leadership.”

In addition to the nursing home coverup, Cuomo’s office attempted to smear his most prominent accuser, Lindsey Boylan, by releasing her confidential files to various media outlets.

Included in James’ report is a section detailing how one of Cuomo’s top advisers, Rich Azzopardi, sent confidential personnel information about one of Cuomo’s accusers to multiple media outlets. Under the headline “The Release of Confidential Files Relating to Ms. [Lindsey] Boylan,” the AG’s office explained how shortly after Boylan publicly accused Cuomo of sexual harassment in a tweet, one of Cuomo’s top aides requested Boylan’s “full file.”

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