Police Arrest Man For Not Sitting At Palm Beach School Board Meeting


Like thousands of other people across the country, Everett Cooper attended his local school board meeting to voice his concerns about mask mandates. His evening ended with a trip to jail as police dragged him out of the meeting, literally for refusing to sit down in a separate room where the unmasked and undesirables were “allowed” to be.

As Orwellian as this sounds, school board officials in Palm Beach, Florida, ordered the police to drag several people out of the meeting. These people weren’t even sitting in the same room with the school board members. Their crime? Standing up. Literally. They weren’t doing anything to disrupt the school board business. In the video, you can hear school board chair Frank Barbieri interrupt Superintendent Michael J. Burke, apparently seeing people on a monitor feed standing in the adjacent room. Barbieri starts telling people to sit down, then starts ordering police to drag people out as he identifies them.

“School police have advised me that people in the unmasked room are standing and refusing to sit. I’m giving you one last chance, sit down in your seats, because those people standing will be removed from the meeting. Sit down in your seats. Officers you can take anybody out of the meeting that’s refusing to sit in the seats, take them out of the meeting. Officers…. The lady in the white and black top, remove her from the meeting, please. The man in the blue shirt, remove him from the meeting. The man in the black shirt, remove him from the meeting. The lady in the blue shirt, sit down, thank you.”

Again, they weren’t even in the same room as the school board.

As things devolved, police eventually arrested Everett Cooper. “Because I chose to speak, I’m now being arrested,” Cooper pleaded in cell phone video that was captured by a bystander, as seven, yes, SEVEN, brave police officers heroically followed the school board’s orders and put their lives on the line to protect us from this concerned parent who wasn’t disrupting anything. “Relax, stop resisting,” repeats one of the officers, as it’s clear Cooper is just standing there, doing nothing to actively resist. “My name is Everett Cooper, I am being arrested for standing in the back of the room,” he says to onlookers as police drag him away.

According to WPEC, Cooper is charged with disturbing the peace, resisting an officer, and trespassing.

Just imagine the outrage if a Republican controlled board did this to liberal protesters.

According to his profile on the Palm Beach School District webpage, Frank Barbieri is an attorney at high powered law firm, specializing in real estate law and homeowner’s association law, and previously served on land use and zoning boards. Basically a male Karen who looks like Mitt Romney and John Kerry’s lovechild. You can reach his official school board office at 561-434-8136.

The board eventually voted to pursue legal action against Governor DeSantis regarding the mask ban, despite every parent who spoke during the comment period siding with DeSantis and opposing mask mandates, to raucous applause after many of the speeches. Full video of the board meeting was also posted by WPEC:


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