Psaki: Joe Biden is “Keeping the Option Open” For More Covid Restrictions (VIDEO)


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday said Biden is “keeping the option open” for more Covid restrictions and he floods the US with Covid-infected illegals.

A reporter on Monday asked Psaki about Biden’s response to a reporter on Friday asking if Americans can expect more Covid restrictions.

“In all probability,” Biden said Friday as he rattled off the number of people who received the Covid vaccine this week.

“What’s on the table?” the reporter asked Psaki.

“The president is keeping the option open of making sure that he is…that the CDC and our public health officials can make recommendations on what’s needed to keep the American people safe,” Psaki said.

The Biden Admin is “keeping the American people safe” by making sure tens of thousands of Covid-infected illegal aliens are allowed into the US every month.


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