RINO Matt Crane Sends Letter of Congratulations to Colorado Election Workers for 2020 Election While Calling Their Work “Trusted”


What a piece of work.  This nut is full of himself.

RINO Matt Crane claims Colorado went for Biden despite undeniable evidence to the contrary while neglecting to share that his wife worked for Dominion.  Then we find out Crane attended a party with Democrat and Dominion employees like Eric Coomer.

Now Crane sends out a memo congratulating elections employees for a job well done.

We reported on February 12th the suspect and questionable results in Colorado in the 2020 election.

One individual by the name of Matt Crane responded to our post and claimed to be a “strong conservative and very proud republican” in an email to top Republicans rebutting our post.  He never reached out to us.  One of those who received his email provided it to us.

We weren’t really sure why a ‘conservative and very proud republican’ (as Crane referred to himself) would write the email Crane sent out.  We mentioned this in our post and provided in our rebuttal three things never addressed by Crane:

  1. Colorado had a greater than 85% voter turnout and that is way over the national average of 50-55% in Presidential elections.
  2. Obama and then Hillary held the record for most votes in the state at around 1.3 million but Trump beat Hillary’s record by thousands of votes.  However, Biden somehow with zero charisma received half a million more votes than Hillary at 1.8 million which makes no sense when you acknowledge the poor results, poor attendance, and lifeless rallies of the Biden campaign.  No way Biden beat Obama, Hillary, or President Trump.
  3. Thirdly, the state’s population increased by less than 200,000 since 2016.  None of this made sense.

Then we uncovered that Ms. Lisa Flanagan-Crane, Matt Crane’s wife, claimed on her Linked-In profile that she worked for Sequoia and Dominion:

We also know that Ms. Flanagan-Crane worked with Eric Coomer at Dominion and were both named on the Dominion proposal with Colorado in 2015 that was removed from the Colorado Secretary of State’s site after the 2020 election and before the election was certified.

Last week we uncovered more on Mr. Crane’s connections with Dominion and the Democrat Party in Colorado.  A picture of Mr. Crane with a group of Democrat leaders and Dominion employees was unearthed on the Internet.
After all this, we obtained today, a self-congratulatory memo to election workers in Colorado praising them all for Biden’s win in the 2020 election.  Of course, no one in their right mind trusts the election system in Colorado.

We do know Matt Crane is not an unbiased “strong conservative and a very proud Republican.”  We know his wife worked for Dominion and he parties with Democrat and Dominion employees.  What else is he not telling us?

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