Texas Tribune Issues HUGE Correction After ‘Mistakenly’ Reporting 5,800 Children Hospitalized with Covid in One Week


Isn’t it odd that the “mistakes” only go in one direction?

The Texas Tribune issued a MAJOR correction on Thursday after ‘mistakenly’ reporting 5,800 children were hospitalized with Covid in a 7 day period.

The report claimed there was a huge spike in Covid cases among children which led to 5,800 kids being hospitalized in one week.

The Texas Tribune corrected their false reporting after the lie made it around the world and caused unnecessary panic.

There was actually 783 hospitalizations in a 40-day period.

An earlier version of this story overstated the number of children who have been hospitalized in Texas recently with COVID-19. The story said over 5,800 children had been hospitalized during a seven-day period in August, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That number correctly referred to children hospitalized with COVID-19 since the pandemic began. In actuality, 783 children were admitted to Texas hospitals with COVID-19 between July 1 and Aug. 9 of this year.

Jennifer Rubin, the “NeverTrump” blogger at WaPo tweeted the lie and still hasn’t issued a correction.

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