Tucker Carlson Hosts Ghoulish Animal Killing PETA to Discuss Fauci Animal Tests — Instead of Org Who Actually Exposed it


Tucker Carlson hosted the vice president of the deceptively named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on Friday evening’s episode.

PETA’s Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo was on criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s research on beagles — even though her organization had nothing to do with his disgusting work being exposed.

The real organization behind the shocking revelations was White Coat Waste Project, a right-leaning animal welfare group that actually gets results and doesn’t kill any animals while doing so, unlike PETA.

The documents obtained by White Coat Waste Project using the Freedom of Information Act showed that Dr. Fauci spent $424,000 to commission a study in which healthy beagles were given an experimental drug and intentionally infested with flies that carry a disease-causing parasite that affects humans.

In 2016, WCW also exposed how his NIH division was using tax dollars to buy beagle puppies and strapping capsules full of infected flies to their bare skin.

Disgustingly, Guillermo is in no position to criticize anyone, as her organization has killed over 40,000 dogs and cats, got three chimps killed in 2020 and two macaque monkeys killed in 2019 — and those are just the animals that Gateway Pundit knows of.

Michael Robison, who runs a small primate rescue in Tennessee, about PETA’s animal grabs, where they claim to be “rescuing” animals from smaller sanctuaries and privately owned zoos.

“They’ll take these chimps that have been bonded, like our chimps that have been together for at least 25 years, and they’ll break them up and try to introduce them to a new troop somewhere,” Robison explained. “Project Chimp took three of ours last year and all three got killed.”

“They’re claiming that they’re doing all this because of the welfare of these chimps, but in the end, it’s all for grant money,” he said. “It’s all monetization.”

The state of Virginia also killed two macaque monkeys that were seized from Wilson’s Wild Animal Park in Winchester, following a years-long campaign of harassment from the “animal-rights” organization. Bizarrely, PETA representatives accompanied law enforcement during the raid of the privately owned zoo.

The two primates were immediately euthanized after being seized from the park, because very rarely, primates can carry Herpes B. The corpses later tested negative for the virus. The kills were conducted without quarantining and testing the primates — and before the owner even had an initial hearing.

Documents uncovered by PETAKillsAnimals.com indicated that following an inspection of the PETA facilities, the Commonwealth of Virginia was so shocked by the number of animals that they kill each year that the state inspector attempted to revoke their license to operate a shelter.

Dr. Daniel Kovich, the investigator with the VDACS that conducted the inspection of PETA’s animal shelter in July, 2010 determined “the facility does not contain sufficient animal enclosures to routinely house the number of animals annually reported as taken into custody.”

“After reviewing two months worth of records, Kovich found that 245 of the 290 animals–84 percent–that PETA took into custody were killed within 24 hours. Only 17 were reported as adopted or in foster homes. Kovich noted that PETA’s shelter did not meet PETA’s own published guidelines for operating a humane animal shelter,” PETA Kills Animals reports.

In 2019, PETA killed 1,500 cats and dogs. The following year, PETA’s so-called “shelter” took in 2,650 animals and euthanized 67% of them — 1,763 animals.

Earlier in the day on Friday, revealed that PETA received $2.6 million from the taxpayer funded COVID Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) — and nearly $2 million of that loan was forgiven in June.

PETA’s total revenue in 2020 was $66,277,867, according to financial records posted on their website — hardly making them one of the small businesses that these loans were intended for.

PPP loans over $2 million were being audited and borrowers were asked to justify the reasons that they needed so much. Interestingly, in late July 2020, PETA partially paid back their loan, which brought the total of their loan to just under $2 million.

The $1,905,465 balance that they owed was forgiven on June 11, 2021.

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