(VIDEO) Joe Biden Argues – ISIS-K Has Been Planning “Complex Set of Attacks on The United States Personnel And OTHERS”


Yesterday, Joe Biden looked weak and senile as he claimed great success with evacuations, and a new enemy — ISIS-K — is on the horizon.

Yesterday, 13 American military members were murdered in Afghanistan in an explosion set up by the Taliban.

Joe Biden claimed this was an evacuation effort, unlike any and over 100 thousand have been evacuated. He fails to mention, however, that just 5% of these evacuees are American, and he has not prioritized Americans.

Biden: an evacuation ever done like any seen in history, with more than 100,000, American citizens. American partners Afghans who helped us and others taking the safety in the last 11 days.

I will defend our interests in our people with every measure at my command. Over the past few weeks. I know you’re probably tired of hearing me say it. We’ve been made aware by our intelligence community, that the ISIS-K, an arch-enemy of the Taliban. People who were freed when both those prisons were opened, has been planning a complex set of attacks on the United States personnel and others. This is why from the outset, I’ve repeatedly said. This mission was extraordinary dangerous, and why I’ve been so determined to limit the duration of this mission. As I’ve been in constant contact with our senior military leaders my mean constant, around the clock. And our commanders on the ground throughout the day. They made it clear that we can and we must complete this mission and we will.

Where did this come from? is this another hoax?

Biden’s saying he’s trusting the Taliban at the outer perimeter to let people inside of the inner perimeter at the Kabul airport. They let two bombers in yesterday and killed 13 American troops and he’s still trusting them?

Why would the Taliban allow ISIS-K in the inner perimeter if they’re “arch-enemies”?

We clearly cannot trust Biden to defend our interests after his failures so far.

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