Virginia School Board Pays Trans Former Student $1.3 Million in Bathroom Policy Settlement


Virginia’s Gloucester Country School Board is paying 1.3 million in a settlement with a trans former student who was upset that they couldn’t use the bathroom that corresponded with their “gender identity.”

Gavin Grimm, who was born a biological female, was told in 2014 that they could not use the boys bathroom at school.

After sparking outrage from liberals with a media blitz, Grimm was permitted to use a separate bathroom — but they claimed in a lawsuit the next year that it was “alienating” and “humiliating.”

Grimm, who is represented by the ACLU and ACLU of Virginia, filed the lawsuit as a sophomore at Gloucester County High School in June 2015.

“Rather than allow a child equal access to a safe school environment, the Gloucester School Board decided to fight this child for five years in a costly legal battle that they lost,” Grimm said in a statement via the ACLU. “I hope that this outcome sends a strong message to other school systems, that discrimination is an expensive losing battle.”

Grimm won the lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit and the Supreme Court declined to hear the case after the school board attempted to appeal. The case was the first time a federal court decided that trans students can use whatever bathroom they want under Title IX, which will effect other cases across the country.

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