White House Announces Afghanistan Withdrawal Completion – Brags About Greatest Foreign Policy Disaster in US History


Today, The White House announced that the mission in Afghanistan is officially over.

The latest ABC-Ipsos poll shows 84% of Americans believe the US should stay in Kabul until ALL Americans are evacuated from Afghanistan.

Instead, the Biden Regime left at least 250 Americans and possibly thousands behind in a hostile war zone.

This is the number that they admitted to but it is likely much higher.

Of the more than 122,000 evacuated, Jen Psaki claims that only 6,000 are Americans. If that’s even true, over 95% of these people are unvetted “refugees”.

According to multiple reports, Americans were being beaten and injured by Taliban terrorists and were unable to safely pass through checkpoints to get to Kabul airport.

Many of the ones that were allowed through — like the ones who set off bombs killing American troops — were terrorists.

The White House Tweeted:

U.S. service members have officially completed the largest non-combatant evacuation in U.S. military history – evacuating more than 122,000 people from Afghanistan since the end of July. The women and men who completed this mission have ended America’s longest war.

After the Taliban seized $85 billion worth of U.S. military equipment, murdered American troops, and executed a hostile takeover of Afghanistan, The White House seemingly declared a victory in the middle east.

Joe Biden has shown the World how weak he is and empowered radical Islam far beyond the Obama days.

After giving the Taliban a ‘Kill List‘ with the personal information of Americans and Afghan allies, Psaki claims that the war is over and there is no threat to the American people.

Sadly, this war is not over. It has only begun.

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