Florida’s ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Rate Is the Same as Other Anti-Vax, Science-Hating States Delaware, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania

 I had a look at the New York Times’s COVID-19 vaccination tracker this morning, and boy was it alarming to see how far Florida has fallen behind under that noted anti-vaccination extremist, Ron DeSantis.

Oh, wait. No, it wasn’t.

Per the TimesFlorida is 17th among all states in having delivered at least one dose of the vaccine to its citizenry; it is tied for 20th among all states in its fully vaccinated rate — it has the same percentage here as anti-vax hothouses such as Delaware, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania, and is just two percentage points behind California; and, having vaccinated 96 percent of its senior population, it is thirteenth overall in the 65+ category — ahead of a whole bunch of mouth-foaming, anti-science, slacker-jurisdictions such as Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, and Washington, D.C.

As ever, those who are telling you that they understand the patterns here are doing nothing more than selling political snake oil. Ignore them.

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