Man Arrested After Claiming to Have a Bomb at Trump Hotel in Vegas


Las Vegas police on Tuesday arrested a man who claimed he left a bomb at Trump International Hotel.

Police received a call early Tuesday afternoon from a person who said a man walked into the lobby of Trump Hotel and left a large suitcase and duffel bag at the concierge post.

The man began yelling there was a bomb as he took off and jumped in a cab, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported:

Las Vegas police on Tuesday arrested a suspect who claimed to have left a bomb in the lobby of the Trump International Hotel.

 Metropolitan Police Department Capt. Dori Koren said police received a call around 12:53 p.m. that said a man had walked into the hotel lobby and left a large suitcase and duffel at the concierge stand. Moments later, he began yelling that there was a bomb in the building before leaving in a taxi. About 15 minutes later, the hotel received two phone calls relaying bomb threats.

The property was partially evacuated as police investigated the “suspicious items.”

Koren said earlier Tuesday afternoon the suspect was located and taken into custody early in the afternoon. No other details on the suspect were immediately available.

The Police captain said no hazardous material was found after the bomb threat.

No details about the suspect were released.

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