Pineapple Express, The Sequel: Rogue Heroes Launch Phase II to Rescue Americans Left Behind by Biden; State Department Still Refuses to Provide ANY Assistance



Almost as if it was straight out of Hollywood, this Retired Extremely Dangerous (R.E.D.) group of heroes are a go for Pineapple Express, the sequel.

The Pineapple Express , a group of highly trained US military veterans who risked their lives conducting secret rescue missions behind the Biden State Department’s back, is going back to Afghanistan for the next phase of their mission — getting the hundreds of Americans left behind by Biden out, and bringing them back home.

During the first phase of their mission they were able to help almost 700 US citizens and allies get to their evacuation flights at the airport safely. The special operators used their contacts in and outside of Afghanistan to transport people safely and even worked with US troops on the ground who had to disobey orders to help the rogue rescue effort.

Our retired soldiers care more about trapped Americans than the current pudding-brained commander in chief who told active forces on the ground to “stand down.” Biden’s regime has not even made any public mention of the elite rescue team, and the operators will continue on without any official US military support.

According to the heroes: “Nobody else is coming.”

Scott Mann – a retired Green Beret and co-founder of the Pineapple Express – spoke with Breitbart news exclusively and explained the newfound urgency that has been created to rescue those left behind, after Biden shamelessly honored the Taliban deadline to end evacuation efforts.

Unlike the deliberately clueless State Department, Mann says there are hundreds of US citizens who are still stranded behind enemy lines.

“We’re having to move from what was a very network-centric starfish kind of thing to way more of a deliberate recovery. That focuses on two things, moving people to safety, getting them immediately out of harm’s way from retribution and targeting and then ultimately some of them to freedom.

Categorically, we’re looking at American citizens that are still a couple of hundred, at least, that are still in country.” 

The rogue special operators efforts will also focus on assisting Afghan allied forces, at-risk individuals(women and children), prosecutors, judges, and any others who may have participated in activities that could make them targets of retaliation from the Taliban.

Now that Jihad-Joe armed their captors and bailed with his tail tucked between his legs, someone has to step up and help them.


Speaking of pathetic “leadership,” Mann also explained that his group has been receiving calls from the White House and the Joint Chiefs of Staff for help to get their specific people out.

“I’ve had calls from inside the White House in the West Wing and the Joint Chiefs to get their people out,” he said.

On the other side of the coin, The U.S. State Department has refused to honor requests by ‘Taskforce Pineapple’ to formally partner with their rogue efforts to get the remaining American citizens and Afghan SIV applicants out. They will not even provide support or help them at all.

We need help. They [the State Department] can open the borders to Tajikistan. It’s very hard to get across and if we’re going to move people that’s one place we’d love to go. They could increase capacity in the embassies so that they’re ready to process.”

The State Department could allow private organizations to bring helicopters around the periphery of Afghanistan and fly people in duress out. The Biden administration could issue a presidential finding [to] keep the Pineapple Express rolling, with the the need for clandestine activities that would allow a private-public partnership to occur, where we are a citizen liaison network leveraging 20 years of relationships that we’ve already proven and working hand in glove with responsible DOD entities to honor the promise and get our people home.

I mean, those are some very specific things and very doable.”

Despite their best efforts to get assistance from US forces, they are on their own to clean up Biden’s mess.

So why is the White House calling them for anything?

Why don’t they suit up those Joint Chiefs and drop them out there to start rescuing “their people?” These Green Berets and Special Operators are too busy being heroes for the American People and their allies who need them.

What a joke. The terrorist’s deadline should never have been obeyed if there was just one American trapped behind enemy lines.. let alone the hundreds that are unaccounted for. 

Now, because they are so frustrated with Biden abdicating his duty and leaving Americans to become prisoners of the Taliban, this group of retired veterans has to risk their lives AGAIN – with no support – to go back into the country they had already sacrificed so much in.

God bless these MEN, they are true heroes. 

Americans are forever grateful for your service!

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