Rudy Giuliani on Islamist Danger Following Fall of Afghanistan: “I Really Wouldn’t Be Surprised if They Are Ready for a Strike in 6 Months”


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Steve Bannon in The War Room on Tuesday morning.

Rudy told Steve Bannon he would not be surprised if the Islamists are ready for a strike in 6 months.

Our Intelligence is almost always wrong. If our Intelligence tells us one thing, we should probably do the other. So if someone tells us we aren’t that dangerous, what is that based on? It is based on the same false the Intelligence told us that it would be really hard for Al-Qaeda to overthrow the Afghan government. And finally, everyone that I know that is seriously involved in this says there’s no way that it isn’t a great danger to us. With these people are symbolic, they want to get back at us and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are ready for a strike in 6 months given the fact that they now have all our weapons as well.

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