Steve Bannon: George Bush Does Not Only Hate Trump – He “HATES Your Guts”


On Saturday, the 20th Anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks, former President George W. Bush delivered remarks in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

This was two weeks after Joe Biden surrendered to the Taliban and armed them with $85 billion in US weapons and uniforms.

But instead of lashing out at the disastrous Biden regime — George W. Bush lashed out at Trump voters!
What a disgusting pig!

Bush equated Trump voters with the Islamist killers on 9-11. The Islamists on 9-11 murdered 3,000 Americans. Police killed at least two Trump supporters on January 6th. George Bush sees this as two equal events. Disgusting.

On Tuesday Steve Bannon on The War Room pointed out the obvious… George Bush doesn’t just hate Trump — He hates all of you!

Steve Bannon: Hang on.  The guy who said that is not on Joe Scarborough, is not Noam Chomsky, the guy who said that is not Michael Moore,.  It was George W. Bush in his official remarks on the 20th anniversary on the sacred ground in Pennsylvania…  George Bush, a person everybody in this audience either voted for, gave money to or rang a doorbell for, came up and said from “the same hate-filled source” what happened in Shanksville, what happened in, the patriots there from Flight 93, is the same “source” as domestic terrorism in the United States.  That’s not some guy on the left, it’s George Bush.  That’s how much the Republican establishment hates your guts, not Trump’s guts.  They hate your guts.

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