Three California Recall Ballots Sent to Address of Deceased American Veteran and Patriot Ashli Babbitt, Who Was Shot and Killed at Capitol on Jan 6


Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed at the Capitol on January 6th.  This past week multiple ballots were sent to her address to vote in the recall election in California.

A young American veteran was shot and killed after being given no warning at the Capitol on January 6th.  Ashli Babbitt was a Trump supporter, so the murderer’s identity was protected from the public for months before he was given a pass for any wrongdoing.

Now the liberal Democrats are sending her address three different ballots in the California recall election.  This is why Babbitt was protesting – because the 2020 Election was stolen.

The Democrats will never stop stealing elections until Americans fix our broken election systems.  Until then, we are no longer a democracy.  We are another communist joke.

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