Tucker Carlson Slams Joe Biden For Unfairly Smearing The Border Patrol (VIDEO)


Over the past several months, Joe Biden’s words and inaction have created an unprecedented crisis on America’s southern border.

Instead of taking responsibility for this disaster, Joe Biden has used the Border Patrol as a scapegoat, by pushing a vicious lie started by the liberal media.

In one of his opening monologues this week, Tucker Carlson went after Biden for this, big time.

Breitbart News has a partial transcript:

CARLSON: So you’ve been hearing all week from the usual hysterical liars that the Border Patrol, somehow officers used a whip to beat immigrants at the Southern border just searching for a better life trying to get refugee status, everything about that is a complete lie.

A lot of the Haitians at our Southern border in Del Rio already had refugee status in other countries that don’t offer free healthcare, so they came here.

By the way, the Border Patrol doesn’t have whips. They don’t whip anybody. They ride horses, and horses have reins. Today, the photographer who shot that picture of the alleged whips were on the record to confirm that the officers were using reins and they weren’t whipping anybody.

So that should be the end of the story, but of course, it suits the Biden administration’s political purposes, which is rushing as many new people into the country as possible so they can win the next several election cycles, so they’re continuing to lie.

The Biden administration has banned the Border Patrol from using horses, and today, Joe Biden, who has a fetish for going after the weak we noticed, vowed to crush the hourly workers who were involved in this, the Border Patrol officers.

Watch the whole thing below:

It is truly disgusting to see not only the despicable media, but even the President of the United States, smear Border Patrol agents for simply doing their jobs.

Especially, when it is Joe Biden who is really at fault for the entire mess.

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