WOW! Can’t Make This Up: Biden Admin to Help Build New Border Facilities on Tajikistan and Afghanistan Border to Respond to Security Threats


Illegal aliens continue to flood across the open US southern border in record numbers.

A record 210,000 illegals from dozens of countries crossed the open US border in July of this year – a 21-year high.

The Biden Administration believes this is a good thing.
They continue to destroy this country and they see that as progress.

But the Biden regime is determined to protect Tajikistan and its borders with neighboring countries including Afghanistan.

The Biden administration will help build new facilities for border guards in Tajikistan.
They believe a secure border in Tajikistan is a good thing.

Reuters reported:

The United States will help build new facilities for border guards in Tajikistan along the Central Asian country’s frontier with Afghanistan and Uzbekistan to better respond to security threats, the U.S embassy in Dushanbe said on Wednesday.

The new facility, which will be built in Tajikistan’s southwestern tip, will replace an outdated detachment and allow border guards to “deploy forces more quickly to border areas in response to threats,” the embassy said.

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