CNN Claims Man Who Appeared on Stage At Trump Rally Is Not Marine Who Rescued Baby at Kabul Airport [VIDEO]

 Who’s more believable: a courageous, selfless American patriot, or the Bagdad Bob – Democrat propagandists at CNN, who spin, deflect, and censor truth with impunity?

A United States Marine recently claimed that he was “the guy who pulled the baby over the wall” during Biden’s pathetic Afghanistan troop withdrawal. CNN says he’s lying. 

​​A United States Marine who saved the life of a baby in Kabul during Biden’s disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan is now under investigation. Is he under investigation for lifting an infant over the walls of the Kabul Airport? Nope…he’s allegedly under investigation for the crime of appearing on stage with former President Donald Trump at his rally in Georgia.

In what was a very dark time for America, Lance Cpl. Hunter Ian Clark provided a bright light of hope for the entire world when he was captured on video taking a baby from an Afghan man and lifting it over a wall lined with razor-sharp wire.

Lance Corporal Hunter Clark was one of nearly 6,000 U.S. troops guarding the airport in Kabul, where thousands of desperate Afghans and American citizens left behind by the Biden regime, were desperately waiting outside, hoping to be lucky enough to be airlifted out of the Islamic terror.

Shortly after he returned from Kabul, Lance Corporal Hunter Ian Clark appeared on stage at a Trump rally in Perry, Georgia, where the Perry, GA resident confirmed he’s the person who pulled the baby over the wall. The emotional US Marine told the crowd he was “glad to be back home” and thanked everyone in the crowd for their support. The Trump supporters in the crowd went nuts, cheering, “USA! USA! USA!”

US Marine Hunter Ian Clark is now reportedly under investigation for appearing with President Trump at his patriotic rally.

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point US rightly points out that Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley, Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin, and General McKenzie, who are all responsible for the deaths of 13 US troops are free to carry on with their lives, taking no responsibility whatsoever for their epic failures in Afghanistan.

CNN, running cover for their party, is claiming that the marine seen on stage with Donald Trump is lying. That way, when the vindictive Democrats go after him for his onstage appearance, he will have already been effectively stripped of his heroism in saving the Afghan baby. So predictable.


Americans are fully aware that the party who elevated a life-long criminal such as George Floyd to hero status, is hell-bent on demeaning and disparaging true American heroes. We are not taking that fact lightly.

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