Insufferable Kamala Harris Gets Cute On Supply Chain Crisis: “Our children want to make sure Santa Claus has his helpers”

 Kamala Harris tried to get cute during a discussion about the supply chain crisis. She’s been missing in action on pretty much every crisis, including the border, Afghanistan, and now the supply chain crisis.

Instead of a serious discussion, she smiles and says the children want to ensure Santa has his helpers. If Harris lived in the real world, she’d know that people care about shortages of basic items happening now. How about toilet paper and groceries? There are empty shelves in stores across the country, but Biden’s VP and Secretary of Transportation have been missing in action.

Listen to the insufferable Harris grin her way through a completely phony comment:

“Our children… want to make sure Santa Claus has his helpers working to move those products.”

The video below is the best response to Harris, and it comes from a Trump impersonator:

Trump Impersonator Shawn Farash sounds exactly like President Trump. His impersonation of Trump is spot on! In his latest video, he goes to the supermarket and finds bare shelves. He says, “It’s disgraceful,” and said, “It’s empty like Sleepy Joe’s brain.”

This is all about the latest disaster from the Biden administration, where ships are waiting to unload their goods to get them to stores. Dockworkers are in shortage, and then truckers are needed to drive the products to their destination. The CEO of Bratz Dolls said Biden’s move to try and solve the problem is “too little, too late.”

Watch the video below: TRUMP FINDS BARE SHELVES!


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