Joe Rogan Isn’t Buying The Live Biden Booster-Shot Photo Op...Says He Doesn’t Believe “They Would Take The Chance” [VIDEO]

 Joe Rogan: comedian, UFC commentator, and lately, believably accurate discerner of truth, said he believes that the live event showing Joe Biden getting his Covid booster was fake.

On Thursday’s podcast of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan said he believed Joe Biden did NOT get a Covid vaccine booster shot on live TV this week.

“I think if they were going to give him a booster shot,” Rogan said, “the last thing they would do is give it to him live on television.”

“What if he dies?” Rogan asked. “What if he blacks out? What if he like gets it and faints? Like, because people have had very bad reactions like in the moment for whatever reason.”


How anyone with a functioning brain could believe that the mentally and physically deteriorating old politician masquerading as president could take not one, not two, but three of these shots without any of the commonly reported side effects or complications, defies logic. And to believe that the regime would risk an adverse episode in front of the world requires a special kind of stupid.

Watch as Biden allegedly takes it in the arm:

Thoughts from commenters on Twitter:

Fake president. Fake needle. Fake White House. FAKE NARRATIVE. And people “can’t wait?!” for their boosters?!?!

From a former NHS nurse on Twitter:

As an ex Staff Nurse of over 21 years, I find this clip hilarious and somewhat sickening. It’s precisely why I left the NHS. Watch carefully then make your own conclusions.

From the reactions on Twitter to Biden’s live booster propaganda event, it appears Joe Rogan’s opinion is widely shared.

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