Leftists Call It “Karma” After Gov Ron DeSantis Releases Statement About His Wife Casey’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis

 This morning, Governor Ron DeSantis released a heartbreaking statement about his beautiful wife Casey, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In his statement, the extremely popular Florida governor shares that his “beloved wife” and “esteemed First Lady” of Florida “has been diagnosed with breast cancer.”

In his statement, he mentions the “impact” his wife Casey has had on the lives of “countless Floridians through her initiatives.” Gov. DeSantis talks about the support, prayers, and well wishes the first lady will have from him, his family, and Floridians who love her. His statement concludes with a reminder that his wife is a “fighter” and that she will “never, never give up.”

When CNN posted about her diagnosis on Twitter, their fans, (the Left) celebrated her diagnosis, calling it “karma,” and suggested she deserved it because her husband refuses to buy into mandatory vaccine mandates.

Here are just a few examples of the replies to the @CNNPolitics post about Casey DeSantis’ cancer diagnosis:


Pray for Casey DeSantis, her amazing husband, their children, and for those on the Left who would wish anyone harm or gloat about a cancer diagnosis simply because they don’t agree with her spouse’s political views. These people truly need prayer.

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