Trump Adviser Has Perfect Comeback After Biden Claims He Wants to Help “Ordinary People”

 Joe Biden stopped to speak with the media today. A rare occasion these days.

He took off his mask and let it dangle on one ear as he delivered rhetoric about his nearly $5 trillion attempt to transform America into a socialist nation.

One remark from Biden got a great response from a former senior adviser from the Trump administration who is an immigration expert. While Biden floods America with thousands upon thousands of people who came here illegally, he wants everyone to buy the lie that he wants to help legal American citizens. The problem is that legal citizens are footing the huge bill for this invasion. How is giving free community college to illegals (see below) helping legal Americans? How is this helping the “ordinary people”?

Listen below to Biden’s lie:

“My objective here is to make sure we put in place the things that are gonna make life more livable for ordinary people.”

Stephen Miller tweeted back to Biden to ask:

“How does giving work permits & federal benefits to illegal immigrants/visa overstays make “life more livable” for ordinary people?”

Miller took the time to go through the bills the Dems are trying to pass and found freebies galore for illegals. One example is free community college for illegals:

“The Dem reconciliation bill includes FREE community college for illegal aliens.”


A perfect reply!

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