Video Shows TX High School Shooter In Classroom Fight Before Shooting 3 Students and Teacher...Family Says Teen Was “Relentlessly bullied” and “Was trying to protect himself”

 Arlington Police Department received several calls about a shooting inside the Timberview High School on the second floor. Four individuals were shot. Three of the victims are students, the fourth victim is a 25-year-old English teacher. The school was locked down following the shooting incident. A manhunt immediately began for 18-year-old George Timothy Simpkins.

The video below shows a large group of frightened students in the parking lot of Timberview High School.


Shortly after the shooting, a video was posted on social media that reportedly showed a fight between two black students. Simpkins is allegedly the student who is being flung around the room and repeatedly punched by a black male student, while Simpkins attempts to cover his face and head. In the video, Simpkins doesn’t appear to fight back. The shooting allegedly took place after the beating. 

Simpkins’s family is now speaking out about the abuse the 18-year-old endured at school. The family claims they reached out to the school but they did nothing to help.

Daily Mail reports – His family spoke out on Wednesday night to defend him, claiming he reacted angrily after being picked on for months. They said that while they didn’t condone the shooting, they were grateful he did not kill himself.

Simpkins lives in a $400,000 home with his grandmother Lillie.

A view of the 600 block of Harris Ridge Drive on Wednesday, where Simpkins lived with his grandmother. The family said on Wednesday night that he was targeted by bullies because he had nice clothes and cars.

He drives a 2018 Silver Dodge Charger, and his family described him as a ‘loveable’ kid. It’s unclear what his parents do for work or how involved they are in his life.

On social media, his cousin Cint Wheat said he was ‘no bad kid’ and that he’d been picked on. She shared a video that police have confirmed of a fight inside the school, involving Simpkins, not long before the shooting, but it’s unconfirmed if the video was taken on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The family of Arlington school gunman Timothy Simpkins claims he was being bullied by classmates who targeted him because he had a nice car and expensive clothes, and have shared videos of him involved in brawls in school to support their claims.

‘It could have been a decision that he could have committed suicide… he was trying to protect himself. They were blessed financially.

‘He was able to get things that other teenagers cannot have, because he wore nice clothes because he drove nice cars, he was like a target,’ Carol Harrison Lafayette, another relative, told reporters outside the family’s home on Wednesday night.

‘There is no justification of anybody … being hurt.

‘We have to take a look at the fact that bullying is real. And it takes us all.

Simpkins, 18, turned himself in on Wednesday at around 1 pm after fleeing Timberview High School in Arlington where he fired a .45 caliber pistol during a brawl with other students that morning.

He injured five people in the shooting, all of whom were hospitalized, including a 15-year-old who is in a ‘critical condition’.

It’s unclear if any of those injured were involved in the bullying his family described. English teacher Calvin Pettitt, 25, was shot in the back and is in the hospital with a collapsed lung.

Shooting victim, 25-yr-old English teacher Calvin Pettitt

Does the school have any responsibility to protect students who are repeatedly bullied and abused in school? The shootings are obviously not justified but what did the school think would happen if they didn’t step in at some point to stop the abuse and help him?

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