“We wanted $10 trillion...$3.5 trillion is a compromise”...Biden Bill Holdout Harassed AGAIN by Leftists on Flight and in the Airport [Video]

 After Senator Kyrsten Sinema was recently harassed in the bathroom at Arizona State University, things have only gotten worse. She was harassed on her flight to D.C. and then at the Reagan International Airport when she arrived back in D.C.

Activist groups like ‘People’s Watch’ are demanding climate justice, economic justice, and immigration reform. They also must think money grows on trees.

They tweeted that they wanted $10 trillion and $3.5 trillion is a compromise:

Watch the videos below where one activist gets up close and personal during the flight back to D.C., and then the group of activists harasses her walking through the airport in D.C.:

Trying to get through the airport isn’t so easy when the left harasses you:

Joe Biden laughed off the harassment when Sinema was cornered in a bathroom: “It happens to everybody.”

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