“Everything in Your Life Financially and Economically is Changing in the Last 72 hours” – Steve Bannon on Implications of Biden’s Economy


The Biden economy is taking over and the results of his administration’s actions are devastating. 

Last week the US markets collapsed.  The DOW is down more than 6,700 points this year.  If this stands, it will be the worst year in US market history.

Steve Bannon had Dr. Peter Navarro on to discuss the state of Biden’s economy.  Bannon shared:

Everything in your life financially and economically is changing in the last 72 hours. It’s only going to get worse…There’s no place to hide here.

Dr. Navarro then shared charts that show the economy if falling apart.

This is a bloodbath.  We’re losing trillions and trillions of dollars of wealth.  Steve the bond market is an ocean compared to the pond in the stock market.  It’s all about the bond market.

Biden’s gang wants to destroy America.   There’s nowhere to hide.

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