“He’s Never Seen a Naked Woman!” – MSNBC Panelist Mocks Lindsey Graham For Proposing 15-Week National Abortion Ban (VIDEO)


Meanwhile at MSNBC….

An MSNBC panelist Saturday evening mocked Lindsey Graham’s sexuality after the South Carolina senator proposed a 15-week national abortion ban.

Republicans should be in GREAT SHAPE for the upcoming elections since Joe Biden’s presidency is one big dumpster fire.

But Lindsey Graham wants to change the subject. Lindsey Graham wants the 2022 midterm election to be all about abortion. 

Earlier this month Lindsey Graham announced legislation to ban abortion in the US after 15 weeks.

Lindsey wants to make sure Democrats have something to get them to the polls.

Lindsey and Republicans have no chance of passing such legislation. They are not in the majority.

MSNBC ridiculed Lindsey Graham’s sexuality after he proposed the 15-week national abortion ban.

“He’s never seen a vagina! He’s never seen a naked woman!” one of the panelists said Saturday night.

Everyone on the panel laughed.

Imagine the headlines if a conservative Fox News panelist said this about Pete Buttigieg.


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