Joe Biden After Threatening Millions of Trump Supporters: “Pray That We Figure Out How to Come Together Better Than We Have So Far” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Tuesday delivered remarks on lowering healthcare costs and ‘protecting’ Medicare and Social Security.

Biden’s speech from the Rose Garden was full of the same lies he repeats over and over again.

Joe Biden falsely claimed his Green New Deal repackaged as the “Inflation Reduction Act” will reduce inflation and no one making less than $400K will pay more in federal taxes.

“And let me be crystal clear about something else: No one, as I said when I ran, no one earning less than $400,000 a year will pay a single penny more in federal taxes,” Biden said. 

After lying about his tax-and-spend policies, Biden said he hoped the country would come together.

Earlier this month Joe Biden threatened millions of Trump supporters in his Satan speech.

A couple weeks ago Joe Biden stood outside Independence Hall flanked by US Marines to declare war against half of the country who did not vote for him.

Biden accused all Trump voters of disrespecting the Constitution, of promoting authoritarian leaders, of embracing anger, thriving on chaos, and living in a shadow of lies.

Joe Biden called Trump voters a “clear and present danger” and enemies of the state.

Now he wants to bring the country together.

What a fraud.

“Pray that we figure out how to come together better than we have so far,” said Biden.


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