​Whitlock: New book ‘Kingdom Politics’ inspires solution to Wawa store looting and America’s collapsing family structure

 A mob of kids, some as young as 10 years old, ransacked a Philadelphia Wawa store. Surveillance cameras captured the crime. The Twitter feed Libs of TikTok posted the footage four days ago. Tucker Carlson aired the content Tuesday night on his popular show.

If you’ve seen it, you’re justifiably outraged. It depicts our descent into chaos and lawlessness. Carlson blamed billionaire revolutionary George Soros and other progressives who install soft-on-crime prosecutors. They certainly deserve blame.

But I did not think of Soros or our criminal justice system when I saw the video.

I thought of family and America’s ongoing destruction of the natural family. 

I thought of Dr. Tony Evans, a Christian minister and author. I just finished reading Rev. Evans’ new book, "Kingdom Politics: Returning God to Government." In it, Dr. Evans made me consider the true cost of America’s reimagining, reshaping, and disruption of the nuclear family. 

I also thought of a radical solution. But more on that later. First, let’s spend another moment pondering the implications of the Wawa store ransacking. 

The average person will understandably conclude that race is the common denominator linking the kids looting the store. It’s not race. It’s the consequence of young people growing up in broken homes. 

Evans writes: “The saga of a nation is the saga of its families written large. Whoever owns the family owns the future. When family structure breaks down, all manner of calamity and chaos enter into society. When family breaks down, crime goes up, poverty goes up, abuse goes up. When the family breaks down, gender confusion and role confusion go up.”

The political left owns the black family. They control our future. We bought their matriarchal and godless game plan for family structure. We now have 60 years of evidence that their game plan leads to self-destruction. 

America must examine the plight of black people and reject the secular worldview and game plan imposed by Democrats.

Dr. Evans’ book does not explicitly argue that. Evans is a black minister serving a large, predominantly black congregation in Dallas. A significant portion of his flock likely voted for Joe Biden, views former president Barack Obama as a paragon of virtue, and believes white evangelical conservatives are bigots.

Evans is a political independent. He argues persuasively that all believers should be “Kingdom Independents,” voters driven by God’s biblically defined platform, not the platforms written by Republicans and Democrats. In his book, Evans goes to great lengths to avoid demonizing either political party.

Instead, he uses scripture to lay out what Christians should support politically and the repercussions for our political disobedience. He lets the reader draw his own conclusions on which party or candidate to support.

For me, the right conclusions are easy to reach.

“The family,” Evans writes, “is the first institution established by God that would serve as the foundation for the well-being of society and civilization.”

I could have stopped reading there, the halfway point of the book. The left has reimagined family, expanding it to include same-sex marriage and incentivizing women and mothers to abandon the traditional family altogether.

Later in the book, Evans asks a simple question: “Do you regularly bring heaven’s view into the discussion of politics?”

Evans answers: “Unfortunately we have become a platform of parties that won’t open the Bible anymore. We won’t ask anyone to explain what scripture has to say. And we are suffering the results of this spiritual exclusion from politics.”

The intention of Evans’ book is to inspire believers to think more critically about how they use their votes. I enjoyed it tremendously. It gave me much to ponder. It also inspired within me a potential solution.

How do we return God to government?

I can hear the leftists scream: separation of church and state!

First, those words are not written in the U.S. Constitution. The Establishment Clause, the first clause in the Bill of Rights, states, “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion.” It was written to protect religious liberties and to prevent the government from interfering with or influencing the church. It was not written to stop the church from influencing the government.

When Thomas Jefferson, in a private letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, referenced the separation of church and state, he was assuring the association that the government would leave churches alone.

The Establishment Clause wasn’t even remotely debated for the first 150 years of the United States. It wasn’t until after World War II that the Supreme Court started interpreting the Establishment Clause. The subsequent interpretations popularized and redefined Jefferson’s “church and state” metaphor.

The second chapter of Dr. Evans’ book explains the link between God and government. The chapter is titled, “The Link Between God and Government.”

Only a fool or an atheist would want to remove God’s influence over government. America is currently overrun with foolish atheists.

Let me return to my question: How do we return God to government?

We do it by empowering the natural family. We enhance the voting power of a married man and woman. Each man and woman 18 and above retains their individual votes. We grant a single, extra vote to married couples. The couple declare on their marriage license which spouse cast the extra vote. If you divorce, you become ineligible to ever receive this extra voting benefit again.

The extra vote isn’t intended to inspire more marriages. It’s intended to force politicians to develop policies that support the natural family structure. Right now, politicians formulate policies that serve the needs of individuals. Once our laws support families, the improved culture will inspire men and women to seek marriage.

It’s a radical solution. It’s no more radical than the laws supporting same-sex marriage or surgical sex changes for minors. Faith in God is radical. The American experiment is radical.

We need radical ideas to save this nation.

“Whoever owns the family owns the future.”

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