Biden’s Policies Cause Surge in Unaccompanied Minors and Greater Chance of Child Trafficking – And Not ONE DEMOCRAT Has Said a Thing about It


In October 2020 the number of minors crossing into the US unaccompanied was 1,929.
Less than two years later in April 2021 there were 20,339 unaccompanied minors crossing into the US.

That’s over a 1,000% increase from when President Trump was in charge.

The problem is only getting worse. 

In August 2021, border patrol agents picked up a record 834 unaccompanied children who had crossed into the country in one day. The shocking number is the most the agency had ever encountered in a single day throughout its 97-year history.

It’s by design.

The massive 62% one-day jump in kids comes just days after Biden lowered the standards for selecting an adult sponsor for the children.  Among other things, sponsors no longer have to get fingerprinted to claim a child from border patrol custody.

The careless change was made in an effort to get more children processed and released to make room for the countless more that will be coming.

When you consider the shockingly high number of sex assaults that happen to illegal border crossers, especially children, and the allegations surrounding the unqualified employees who are responsible for looking after them; it’s almost as if Biden is endorsing the sex trafficking of minors. 

Because of the ever-increasing influx, migrant facilities on the border are completely overwhelmed. 

These new numbers completely obliterate the Biden regime’s ridiculous claim that the surge in migrants is a “seasonal” issue. Not to mention their claims that most of the encounters are “Family units.”

You can expect August’s tally to continue the record-breaking streak and be even higher.

The scariest thing of it all – these unprecedented numbers don’t even include the countless invaders that slip through undetected.

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