Billionaire J.K. Rowling Delivers Scathing Reply To Fan Who Asks ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’

 J.K. Rowling had the perfect response for one Twitter critic who asked her how she slept at night.

The billionaire best-selling author has become a controversial figure in the Hollywood community due to her refusal to accept the trans agenda that fellow leftist celebrities readily embrace. This has gotten Rowling labeled as a “TERF,” or trans-exclusionary radical feminist, despite her having progressive views on almost every other topic.

Many “Harry Potter” fans feel conflicted about continuing to support the beloved franchise due to Rowling openly criticizing trans activists. But despite the public outcry, the British novelist is still doing just fine financially.

“How do you sleep at night knowing you’ve lost a whole audience from buying your books,” one fan asked on social media. Rowling tweeted an epic comeback, saying, “I read my most recent royalty cheques and find the pain goes away pretty quickly.”

The comments were flooded with support for the author from fans who either agree with her views or don’t let their disagreements stand in the way of their Harry Potter fandom.

“My A* English grade was 100% achieved through my love of reading Harry Potter from when it was first released. Growing up and being a similar age with the releases was so wonderful,” one follower shared. “It definitely sparked my love of literature!”

“You’ve made my day,” Rowling replied with a heart emoji.

“I have to say that you deserve every penny you receive,” another fan wrote. “My nephew, like many boys, was struggling in his English classes but after discovering (and devouring!) your books he obtained a solid pass and has never looked back having obtained a GCSE that every child needs to progress.”

“That’s genuinely the most amazing thing I could ever hear. Send him massive love from me!” the “Harry Potter” creator shared.

Earlier in the month, Rowling blasted critics who identified her as right-wing simply for questioning the trans agenda. “I say this as someone who’s been on the liberal left all her adult life: own goals don’t come any more spectacular than ‘if you care about child safeguarding you must be right wing,’” Rowling tweeted at the time, as The Daily Wire reported

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