Chicago Concealed Carry Holder Shoots Previously Convicted Criminal Who Attacked Him in Home Burglary

 Yes you heard that right. In Chicago, where guns are now legal and law abiding citizens can get a concealed carry license after days of classroom testing and exorbitant fees, a resident was able to save his own life during a burglary in his home.

The CWB reports:

Prosecutors say a concealed carry holder shot a burglar who charged at him when he returned to his home in Chinatown on Monday evening. Now, the burglar is hospitalized and charged with a felony.

Burglar Tywone Underwood in May 2022. | CPD

Chicago police responded to the victim’s home in the 300 block of West 24th Place around 6:30 p.m. and found Tywone Underwood, 30, with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. 

The homeowner, 32, told cops that he saw his garage door open and a bike leaning against the garage when he returned home. When he peeked into the garage’s side door, Underwood charged at him, the prosecutor said.

The victim took a step back, pulled out his gun, and shot Underwood once in the abdomen, said Sarah Dale-Schmidt, a Cook County prosecutor.

Of course this wasn’t Underwood’s first run in with the law. Like most criminals, Underwood is a repeat offender who received little punishment for multiple crimes he’s committed in the past.

Here is a list of Underwood’s previous upstanding residency in Chicago:

  • Underwood was convicted of manufacture-delivery in 2011 and unlawful use of a weapon in 2012.
  • convicted of burglary-like misdemeanors in more recent years, according to court records.
  • charged with criminal damage and trespassing in February 2019
  • he was charged with misdemeanor theft of lost or mislaid property for allegedly selling three iPads that were taken in a burglary and received a sentence of two days.

Fortunately for Underwood, there will likely be an attorney to represent him in court to make sure he only gets a slap on the wrist, and another to help him sue the homeowner he burglarized and attacked for using a killing machine against simple burglar out on the town.

Fortunately for the homeowner, he was blessed with the sense and knowledge to get a concealed carry license and protect himself appropriately in his crime ridden city.

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