Chris Wallace Presses NYC Mayor Eric Adams On ‘Toning…Down’ His Nightlife Amid City’s Migrant Crisis

 CNN host Chris Wallace asked Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams about easing up on his party lifestyle as the city faces migrant and economic crises.

In a pre-recorded interview segment released Thursday, the mayor defended his reputation of being a major force in the city’s party and nightlife scene after he was repeatedly spotted with celebrities and socialites in posh restaurants and members-only clubs, according to Guest Of A Guest. Wallace pinpointed the city’s migration, economic, and crime crises as reasons to tone it down.

“It’s a 24-hour city. When I go out, I am patronizing my restaurants, my hotels, my dishwashers, my cooks, then what I do next, I go into the subway system to see if my midnight people are working,” Adams said on “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?”

“I go into my hospitals. I go visit this 24-hour city. This is not a nine to five city and this is a city that never sleeps so the mayor should not be taking a nap,” Adams added.

“You’ve got a migrant emergency, when the city is facing, like the rest of the country, an economic downturn, when you’ve got a crime issue, any thought of toning it down?,” Wallace asked.  

“Think about what you said, you said we have an economic issue,” the mayor argued. “My nightlife is a multibillion dollar industry. People are afraid to go back out to restaurants, now they see their mayor going out saying come back out to our city, that is what the whole theme is. So you say, okay Eric, you’re taking hits. What is being the mayor of New York without taking hits?”

The city’s migrant crisis escalated after Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott relocated voluntary migrants to the city beginning on Aug. 5. Adams declared a state of emergency on Oct. 7 after receiving around 17,000 migrants and preparing to spend an estimated $1 billion by the end of the fiscal year.

To handle the influx of migrants, Adams directed the city to construct tent cities to temporarily house the migrants in late September. The tents process and house migrants before sending them to a sheltering system.

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