HART: Policies Of The Newly ‘Woken’ Left Drag Down Democrats’ Midterm Hopes

 Under Joe Biden’s administration – and whoever is calling the shots in the White House – our country has gone downhill. We are on the brink of war in Ukraine, China/Taiwan, and maybe North Korea after four years of calm and prosperity under Republican leadership. Adversaries Putin, Xi and Kim Jong-un must know that the U.S.A. has created a powerful weapon that destroys people but leaves buildings entirely intact: Biden’s policies. 

Kim Jung Un can fly a nuclear missile from North Korea to Los Angeles in 37 minutes, which is less time than it takes to drive from Hollywood to West Hollywood. I don’t worry much about missiles reaching LA or San Fran; when they can reach a good state with an SEC team, then I will worry.

Yet young voters, indoctrinated by leftist college professors who make a living loansharking kids into overly expensive educations, do not understand. Ask a millennial or Generation Z-er what a nuclear apocalypse would mean, and he/she would dismiss the question, having no idea: “Well, like, it’s not like it’s like the end of the world or anything.” 

Stripping out the personalities and the left-wing funded, vicious, personal attacks on leading Republican candidates like Herschel Walker in Georgia, we learn there are stark policy differences between the Dems and Republicans. Let’s agree that neither side holds the moral high ground on personal character. So vote on issues, not perceived personalities. 

The economy, crime and the porous southern border are the big issues in this campaign. The Democrats keep saying “threats to our democracy” are issues, but no one knows what that means. They say it and then walk off with self-satisfied indignation, as if they really said something. If you ask Dems what they mean, they stumble, mention Trump or the January 6th protests/riots, and mumble something about Jim Crow laws stifling voting. But we have all-time high voter turnout, and the only people who whimpered about the January 6th Capitol riots are wimpy politicians who were blocks away. They act like soccer players faking an injury to slow down the game or get a fake penalty called on opponents. 

With crime rates up over 30% in many cities, what January 6th and the Democrats’ unmeasured reaction tell you is that the politicians care more about their safety than yours. And crime has gotten worse in Democrat-controlled cities. The cost of ammunition has gone up so much that folks cannot even afford to fire a warning shot any more. 

Special Counsel John Durham appears close to nabbing some of the FBI agents who framed Donald Trump in 2016. The FBI is good at hiding evidence and closing ranks behind its own, but lying to a federal judge to obtain fake FISA warrants scares even moderate Democrats. Twenty kilos of fentanyl and two dead Epstein/Maxwell underaged hookers could be found in Hillary Clinton’s basement, and the FBI would be asking Trump and DeSantis why they did it.

Even Barack Obama has warned the Democrats that they need to stop with the cancel culture, woke nonsense and vilifying half the country as MAGA voters, and try to come up with workable solutions. I guess he cannot help it. The successful sixty-plus-year-old Obama now has oceanfront mansions and a multi-million dollar income; Trump’s policies are now starting to appeal to him. 

Biden, of whom Obama famously said, “Never underestimate his ability to F’#*%@ things up,” keeps harping on the wrong things. Against all evidence, he insists that inflation is not as high as we think it is. He assures Americans that inflation is not as high as Willie Nelson usually was, so that is good. It used to be that the most expensive thing to operate was a Boeing commercial jet. Now the most expensive things to operate in America are those self-checkout machines in the grocery store.  

Biden was asked about the new UK Prime Minister. They asked him what he thought about Rishi Sunak? Biden admitted he didn’t know much about Jewish holidays.

It is early mail-in ballot voting season. I know that because I recently saw Stacey Abrams canvassing for votes by following a mail truck through the Atlanta Cemetery.  Americans can change the direction of this country by just showing up at the polls in a few swing states – and looking out for anyone who cheats.

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