HILARIOUS AUDIO: Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs Struggles To Name One Thing She’s Learned From The Hispanic Community At Embarrassing Hispanic Townhall Event


Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs floundered on stage earlier this week at a Hispanic gubernatorial forum when a moderator asked her what lessons she has learned from the Hispanic community in Arizona.

Not only is Hobbs a twice-convicted racist against people of color, but she can’t even name one good thing about Hispanic voters.

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce invited Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs to take separate questions on a stage moderated by Univision anchor Leon Krauze on Monday.

Hobbs is terrified of competing on a stage next to Kari Lake, and it appears that she is too scared even to see Lake in person. 

Kari Lake told The Gateway Pundit that Katie Hobbs requested that the moderators completely separate the two candidates with drapes, partitions, separate parking, and separate entry points.

Below is a map of the “candidate parking” and “candidate entrances” from Monday night.

Katie Hobbs was later seen by The Gateway Pundit running out of the building escorted by two police officers and numerous others to avoid any public confrontation.

Hobbs still has not agreed to debate Kari Lake on October 12, but Lake has requested that the invitation remain open until Hobbs can muster the courage.

During Monday’s forum, Hobbs was asked what she has learned from the large Latino community in Arizona, and she struggled to answer.

AZ Big Media reported, “Data released by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that 42.6% of the City of Phoenix’s population identifies as Hispanic or Latino.” According to Statista, 31.7% of the state is Hispanic or Latino.

Hobbs did, however, show off her Spanish skills by incorrectly labeling her sister-in-law a Latino instead of a Latina and using the phrase “un poquito.”

At the same time, Hobbs can’t even speak in complete English sentences without saying “um,” or getting stuck on a word. How can she be trusted to lead Arizona?

It was embarrassing.

Krauze: Today, you said that growing up in Arizona, you have seen and heard how impactful the migrant community, talking about the Hispanic community, has been. Let me ask you, how has it impacted you personally? What have you learned, specifically learned, from the Latino community?

Hobbs: Oh, that’s a great question. Um, I don’t necessarily think about it that way, uh, in those terms. I think, um, I really value, um, my relationships across the board with, um, with, with different folks, and I learn all the time from people, um, in my life. My sister-in-law, um she is um Latino, and um, her family, um, I love hanging out with them and, um, practicing my español – un poquito. So, um, but yeah, I mean, I just, it’s um, I’ve learned so much from her family, um, but I think, um, it’s really hard to separate out Arizona and subtract Latino culture because it’s so much a part of who we are as a state, and, um, and I, and I um, I, I,  — Arizona wouldn’t be Arizona without the, what the Latino community brings.

Krauze: So there is not one specific lesson you can share, other than the español?

Hobbs: Um…

Krauze: It’s one-third of the state.

Hobbs: Yes, yes absolutely. Uh, I, I mean I think there’s, there’s many lessons, um, the, the emphasis on, um, family values, um, hard work, um. Those are something that I value in my own life, and um, you know, um, it’s something that I that I respect.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Hobbs later declined to show up at the next Hispanic town hall forum on Wednesday night in order to avoid the embarrassment from Monday. 

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