In Another Blow to Democrats – 69% of American Voters Oppose Child Porn Books in School Libraries

 Many parents around the country were shocked last year when they became aware of the illegal porn books their local schools are pushing on kids in the student libraries.

This phenomenon is taking place across the country.

One book that was found in several libraries is titled, Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe.

The book is a graphic novel with drawings that explains in lurid detail the sexual interactions between two young men, has been inserted into high school libraries across America, despite it violating guidelines against pornography or sexually explicit materials being provided to minors and paid for with our tax dollars.

Gender Queer includes countless images of male-on-male sexual encounters, accompanied by words that one would expect to find inside literary works at adult porn shops or gay sex clubs and bathhouses. Even so, this book was purchased and pushed by school officials around the country, despite it clearly violating county guidelines. 

Kevin from Texas sent us this email after he discovered this book was available at his daughter’s school.

After reading a story on TGP yesterday by Jacob Engels about the book Gender Queer, I was outraged. My wife said to me, “I’m glad you weren’t the parent at that meeting, you would have been arrested.”. She’s right.

I thought, “How could school administrators allow such filth to be allowed in a public school library?”. It’s not like the title of the book is innocuous and wouldn’t lead any normal person to question the context…

… I live in a suburb north of Dallas and although it’s growing quickly, it is still a conservative area. We have 3 girls in the school system in which we are active and engaged. (I can assure you that my engagement has just increased to a whole new level.) If this book can make its way into schools here, it can be in schools anywhere. I got a copy of the book in order to verify for myself the accuracy detailed in your article. It was accurate alright. I include images from the book and please publish them because parents need to comprehend what is happening in our schools:


Here are a couple of pages from the book. Most Americans did not realize this is a PICTURE book with explicit drawings.

These are two pages from the picture book.
How do they get away with this in public schools? Why is this book necessary? Why do the kids need pictures of sex? And how is this even legal?

To be clear it really doesn’t matter if it is photos of gay sex or straight sex in the books.  Both are objectionable for school libraries.

Following this news, Merrick Garland sent out the FBI to harass American parents for making a stand against this filth in our schools.

The Biden regime obviously supported this filth. How wicked!

A new Rasmussen poll released this morning addressed the porn in American classrooms.

And this is more bad news for Democrats. Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters believe books containing explicit sexual depictions of sex acts, including homosexual sex, should not be present in public high school libraries.

It’s surprising it’s not higher than this. Who are the 31% of Americans who support this?

Rasmussen reported:

Voters overwhelmingly oppose sexually explicit books in public school libraries, and believe schools have an obligation to inform parents what their children are being taught.

A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and the Capitol Resource Institute finds that 89% of Likely U.S. voters think it is important that public schools fully inform parents about what is being taught to their children in classrooms, including 70% who say it is Very Important. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters believe books containing explicit sexual depictions of sex acts, including homosexual sex, should not be present in public high school libraries. The majority opposed to sexually explicit books in public school libraries rises to 79% for middle schools and 85% for elementary schools.

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