Karine Jean-Pierre Grilled As Gas Prices Start To Surge Again: ‘It’s A Lot More Nuanced Than That’

 White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was grilled during Tuesday’s press briefing over gas prices starting to surge again across the U.S.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy made the topic of rising gas prices an issue during the press briefing, repeatedly pressing Jean-Pierre on the matter.

“You’ve said the president was responsible for gas prices coming down,” Doocy said. “Is the president responsible for gas prices going up?”

“So, it’s a lot more nuanced than that,” Jean-Pierre claimed. “You know this. There have been global challenges that we have all have dealt with. When I say ‘all,’ meaning other countries as well have dealt with since the pandemic. There’s been pandemic and there’s been Putin’s war.”

“And what the president was able to do — he took some historic steps, when you think about the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and making sure that he — we were able to do everything that we can to bring that cost down for American families, give them a little bit more of a breathing room,” Jean-Pierre said of Biden’s actions leading up to the midterm elections. “And so that is what the president is going to continue to stay focused on — are American consumers; how do we continue to keep — to keep prices down.”

Doocy then highlighted gas prices in California being over $6 per gallon and Nevada and Oregon both seeing gas prices rise to over $5 per gallon.

“Who can afford that?” Doocy pressed.

“And we understand that,” Jean-Pierre claimed. “That’s why the president worked so hard the past several months to make sure that he did everything we can to bring gas prices down. We have seen fastest — I know you’re pulling out a couple of areas across the country, and I get that. And we understand that there’s more work to do. We have never said we were done here. We have always been very clear that there is more work to do.”

Doocy finished pressing Jean-Pierre on the matter by bringing up Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia and asked what happened during the trip considering that the kingdom did not commit to increasing their output of oil.

“So let’s — I want to be very clear. And we have said that, you know, his trip to — his trip to the Middle East was not about oil,” she claimed. “It was about America’s position in the Middle East and consultation with 12 leaders from across the region on a range of issues, similar to his summits in Asia or the Americas and later this year with African leaders.”

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