“Now That Gas Prices Are So High” – #BidenEffect – Domino’s Pizza Runs 20% Discount on Menu Items Due to Soaring Gas Prices and Inflation


Biden Effect — National Pizza Chain Runs Special Discounts So You Don’t Have to Drive Your Car and Burn Precious Gas

Domino’s Pizza is an American multinational pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960 with approximately 15,000 stores.

The food giant is currently running a 20% discount on food delivery due to the high gas prices.

The ad, that comes out just weeks before the 2022 midterm election, reads like a political ad against Joe Biden, Democrats and their failed agenda. 

Domino’s Pizza: “Now that gas prices are so high Domino’s is giving you 20% off all menu prices when you order online for a limited time. So hurry and take advantage of these low prices, I mean high prices, which means low prices. 20% off everything for now at Domino’s.” Have you ever seen a restaurant run a sale based on you not driving your car to the restaurant?

Gas prices today are at $3.91 cents a gallon, much higher than they were when Joe Biden took over but lower than his record-high gas prices of over $5 a gallon.

And inflation is just as bad in the US today under Joe Biden.

American families are hurting. Working Americans are hurting. And the Biden regime just wants to keep spending more money. It doesn’t make sense.

So what’s for dinner?

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