Protestors Glue Themselves To Floor, Get Mad When Company Doesn’t Give Them “A Bowl To Urinate And Defecate In”


“Green” activists glued themselves to the floor of the Porsche pavilion of a car show in Germany.

One of the activists, Gianluca Grimalda, is also going on a hunger strike until their climate change demands are met.

Auto Revolution reported:

Nine environmental activists chose Autostadt on Wednesday evening to raise awareness about what they call “a climate emergency” by gluing their palms on the Porsche pavilion floor. The group of nine that self-identified themselves as researchers and scientists argue that Volkswagen should do its part in slowing down climate change. They underline the manufacturer plays a big role in the fight against pollution since it is the world’s second-largest car producer. They also point out that VW has the means to lobby decision-makers into “doing the right thing.” 

One of the activists, named Gianluca Grimalda, glued himself to the Autostadt floor and decided to also go on a hunger strike. He said in a Twitter video that 12% of the CO2 emissions come from the car sector and pointed out that a change needs to happen. Grimalda spoke for the entire group and argued that there is a real link between CO2 emissions and rising global temperatures. He says decarbonization is important, and it must happen as fast as possible because the target for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions set through Roadmap 2050 is too far off to have a meaningful impact.

On Twitter, Grimalda complained that Volkswagen is not providing them with toilet services.

Who knew there was such an easy solution to dealing with protesters?

Here are the demands of the group: 

The first internationally agreed climate target is lost. There is no plausible pathway to stay below 1.5°C. This would require global emissions to peak before 2025 and be reduced by 43% by 2030. Even that would likely lead to 1.5°C being exceeded within the next ten years. The most optimistic scenario reported by the IPCC rests on the hypothetical deployment of large-scale carbon dioxide removal technologies to drag temperatures back down by the end of the century.

Continuing to say publicly 1.5°C is still alive is no longer defensible, yet politicians, leading academics and the environmental movement persist in doing so. In response, polluting industries and policymakers are inadvertently being encouraged to resist rapid decarbonization.

It is our responsibility to state the physical and ecological reality vs. political fiction to society. There is the very real possibility of global cataclysm, and we demand that those in power act accordingly.

They can’t get what they want through democratic means, so they glue themselves to other people’s property.

Spoiled children!

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