Ye: “The CIA Backs Pixar And Disney Films”

 Ye formerly known as Kanye West is back in the news cycle.

Just hours after making an appearance on the Lex Fridman podcast, the billionaire founder of the Yeezy brand found himself terminated from his clothing brand deal with Adidas.

Adidas stated they are severing ties with Ye due to “anti-Semitic”  remarks.

In that same interview, however, Ye made some interesting comments regarding the CIA.

The Yeezy founder stated that the CIA backs Pixar and Disney Films in order to promote consumerism among the population. 

Take a listen:

While most of the corporate media is saying Ye is off his meds, his comments about the CIA aren’t actually crazy.

Back in the mid-1960s, Disney hired Paul Helliwell a CIA operative who had a previous history of running shady deals in South East Asia, and William Donovan who was the head of the OSS which would later turn into the CIA.

Disney hired the CIA operatives to run a disinformation campaign in order to buy a bunch of land in Florida which would later turn into Disney World.

Helliwell and Donovan’s job was to create a bunch of shell corporations to buy property because if residents ever found out Disney was buying their land then the acre value would go through the roof.

Even the liberal Daily Beast doesn’t hide the fact Disney is backed by the CIA and wrote an article titled “How the CIA Helped Disney Conquer Florida”.

CIA operative Paul Helliwell would even go as far as helping Disney World make its own district called the Reedy Creek Improvement District in order to have tax privileges and its own private government. 

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