ANTHONY: Vote For Candidates Who Will Shrink The D.C. Bureaucracy, Not Compromise With It

 Elective offices are places where we need representatives to use their strong constitutional powers against others in government to limit governments. 

The actions furthest from what’s needed by we the people and our economy would be compromises to “get things done” to further empower our governments against us. 

Incumbent Progressives know all-too-well how to grab powers and use them unconstitutionally. They must be met head-on by smart, full use of offsetting powers

1) Stand up to Republican Progressives

Needed immediately are four limiting actions: stop the lame-duck power grab, elect a more-constitutionalist Senate leader, pass decentralized House rules, and use state-government powers to limit national-government power. 

Voters need to alert representatives that their actions on these matters now are what will matter most in whether voters will support them in their next primaries. Voters need to tell lame ducks in no uncertain terms that their actions on these matters now are what will determine whether they will be welcome to show their faces in public for the rest of their lives. 

2) Target the pillars of the administrative state’s power

Needed most in the near term are seven targeted actions: repeal legal tender laws, make emergency powers explicitly illegal, make generics explicitly restricted, make explicit that life begins at fertilization, make immigration solely merit-based, repeal the DOJ including the FBI, and repeal Ukraine support. 

Each of these actions is simple and will do a great deal to secure life, liberty, and property. Most need little explanation, and further explanations are readily available, starting at the link. 

The need to repeal legal tender laws, though, sounds arcane and may seem to have been settled in the Nineteenth Century, so what makes this our first priority won’t be immediately clear to most people. This will change very quickly once people get it that this is the fastest track to eliminating government-money inflation once and for all. 

Legal tender laws are what force us to accept money that governments can print and inflate. Simply repealing these unconstitutional laws is the single strongest action that will clear the way for private producers to provide us constitutional moneys that can’t be inflated—like constitutional gold money backed by 100% reserves. 

3) No more 1000-page bills or convoluted laws 

The sole ongoing priority needs to be to systematically triage the entire corpus of existing statutes, and repeal every statute that fails any of the following simple pass/fail tests of constitutionality: 

  • No misleading parts.
  • Only uses powers enumerated for the national government.
  • No delegation of legislative power.
  • No grabs of executive power.
  • No grabs of judicial power.
  • Not noncritical, complex, or long, and not helping make the total corpus of law incomprehensibly complex or long.

Only the last of these tests requires the exercise of more than the least bit of judgment. And even this test will be simpler to perform than it may look at first glance. 

That’s because before this test of comprehensibility even needs to be applied, a statute must first have made it through the preceding five simpler tests. Any statute that passes all those tests will consist only of rules and sanctions, will only use enumerated powers, and will separate powers without infringing on other branches’ authority. These simpler tests will have weeded out nearly all incomprehensibility. 

If an existing statute manages to slip through all five simpler tests, a representative will no longer find it all that hard to use his best judgment to infer whether his voters will also consider this statute comprehensible. After all, most every statute that fulfills the commonsense Constitution doesn’t even need to be read to be obeyed. People obey these statutes automatically if they simply exercise commonsense respect for others. 

Governments don’t get limited by voting alone. Governments don’t have to get limited by using the deadly force of war. Governments need to get limited by vigilance from activists and constitutionalist media and voters. 

Freedom doesn’t come from elections alone. Freedom doesn’t come from trusting. Freedom comes from we the people, the source of all governments’ powers, fully using our powers to advise upfront, and to verify. 

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