Biden Battles Teleprompter — And Bizarre Shrieking From The Audience — At COP27

 President Joe Biden appeared to struggle to read what was on his teleprompter during his Friday appearance at the United Nations conference on climate change — known colloquially as COP27.

The president promised during his remarks in Egypt that that United States under his watch would do everything it could to make sure the world averted a “climate hell,” saying, “We’re not ignoring harbingers that are already here. So many disasters — the climate crisis is hitting hardest those countries and communities that have the fewest resources to respond and to recover.”

But during his remarks, Biden stumbled through a few sentences — and was then interrupted by several loud shrieks from somewhere in the audience.


Biden began by saying that energy agencies had concluded that the United States’ contribution to the global green energy initiatives would bring about substantial progress.

“Our significant climate investment will, quote, Turbo charge the murg — the ener — the, ener —excuse me — turb-turbo charge the emerging global clean ener — clean energy economy!” Biden said, adding a brief apology and apparently blaming the teleprompter for his difficulties. “I was reading their quote. Sorry!”

Biden continued to struggle through his remarks, however.


“I came into the presidency determined to be trans — to make the trans-reformative transformational changes that are needed. That America needs to make,” he said, adding, “And we have to do for the rest of the world, to overcome decades of opposition and obstacles to progress on this issue alone. To re-establish the United States as a trustworthy committed global leader on climate.”

“As I stand here before you, we have taken enormous strides to achieve that —” Biden trailed off then as a series of loud shrieks and barks came from somewhere in the building. The president paused and scanned the audience, apparently looking for the source of the disruption, before he continued: “But I don’t stand here alone …”

Biden also took a moment during his COP27 appearance to apologize for the fact that, under former President Donald Trump, the United States had withdrawn from the Paris climate accord. “I apologize we ever pulled out of the agreement,” he said, adding that he planned to continue “meeting the climate crisis with urgency and determination.”

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