“Enough is Enough, It’s Time for Donald Trump to Go Away” – Frank Luntz Goes Off on Trump Following Midterm Elections (VIDEO)


Frank Luntz, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s roommate, says President Trump needs to go away.

The day after the 2022 Midterms, amid more Democrat election fraud, Kevin McCarthy’s roommate, Frank Luntz was invited on Morning Joe.

Luntz famously cheered for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election and posted an infamous Election Day tweet.


Luntz ended up with an egg sandwich on his face.  He hated Trump then.  He was always a Never Trumper.

Now the first person Morning Joe had on his show on Wednesday morning, the day after the midterm, is Frank Luntz.

Luntz shared this with his fellow Never Trumper:

Frank Luntz:  The people I talked to over the last 24 hours have essentially said enough, Donald Trump. Enough of this chaos. Enough of the yelling and screaming. They look at the U.S. Senate and they’re mad at the former president. They think he supported the wrong candidates. His endorsement still matters within the GOP, but they’re frustrated because they think he is supporting candidates that are simply un-electable, and we have seen this across the country.

I don’t think that Arizona ends up coming for the Republicans. I think the Democrats have enough of a lead that another Trump-endorsed candidate has failed. If Ron DeSantis is the big winner among Republicans because of how he governed in Florida, that Donald Trump — at least the people that I’ve talked to — they’re all telling me enough is enough. Mr. President, it’s time to go away.

It’s time for Frank Luntz and Kevin McCarthy to step aside.

Their hatred for the country and Americans who want free and fair elections, equal justice in the Justice Department, low-inflation, no wars, secure borders, fair trade, energy policy, and peace in the world is over.

God forbid McCarthy ever become Speaker and have a lover’s quarrel with Luntz like Paul Pelosi and David DePape did.  What a nightmare that would be. 

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