Female Zeldin Supporter Speaks Out After Being Choked At Hochul Campaign Event

 Angelica Torres spoke out Tuesday after a man choked her while she was protesting at an event for Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Torres was picketing at the event outside the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan, when an unidentified woman “who might have been a man” allegedly stole her anti-Hochul sign and threw it, Torres told Fox News. An unidentified man then grabbed Torres by the throat while Democratic Councilwoman Crystal Hudson held her arm, Torres alleged.

Torres told the outlet she believes the incident shows how polarized politics have become. “We can’t have civil conversations,” she said.

“We were just there, just, you know, exercising our First Amendment. And we just wanted our voices to be heard,” Torres told Fox correspondent Eric Shawn. “Just because, you know, people try to bully me and intimidate me doesn’t mean I’m going to change my stance on, you know, my morals and my beliefs.”

Zeldin denounced the incident on Sunday, tweeting that Hochul’s silence on the issue makes her “complicit in this attack.”

A video of the incident showed Torres fending off Hudson and the man who eventually grabbed her by the throat. Police claimed that the man “was actually helping her” after she was attacked by another woman, Fox News reported. It remains unclear if the man was a Hochul supporter. No arrests were made in relation to the incident, according to the outlet.

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