‘He’ll Explode On The Stage’: Michael Moore Claims Comedians Lined Up To Feed Hillary Anti-Trump Jokes Ahead Of 2016 Debate

 Filmmaker Michael Moore Michael Moore weighed in on the 2022 midterm elections — and his prediction of a “blue tsunami” — during an interview that was published Monday by The Guardian.

Moore said that he was surprised by the outcome of Tuesday’s election, saying that while he’d been certain Republicans would not pull off the predicted red wave, he expected Democrats to do better than simply rearranging a few chairs in the status quo.

“I never doubted it – there was no way the Republicans were going to have some kind of landslide,” he said, but he went on to add, “I don’t have any special powers, I’m not related to Nostradamus or Cassandra, but I was stunned once again that nobody was willing to stick their neck out.”

The discussion turned to strategy, and Moore noted that just before the debates between former President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, he and several comedians had offered to write her a script of sorts — a series of anti-Trump one-liners that she could throw in his face in the heat of the debate.

“We offered to write great lines to throw at Trump whose skin is so thin – and if she delivered them right – would just slide in and he’ll explode on the stage on live TV. We were all-in on it, and nobody was going to know,” Moore explained.

Comedians Chris Rock, Bill Maher, and Amy Schumer were willing to offer their talents to the effort, Moore said, but the Democratic Party was not on board.

“They said, why would you do that? You know Amy, her comedy is apparently kind of dirty. Chris Rock, well he’s kind of controversial. They didn’t even get to me. They were so afraid of f***ing up and being blamed,” he added.

Still, Moore said that he didn’t believe the strategy should be dismissed out of hand: “Call me. Call a couple of Monty Python people. Call us!

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