Joe and Jill Biden Again Snub Granddaughter Navy Joan; White House Christmas Stockings for New Dog and Cat, But Not for Hunter’s Love Child

 Joe and Jill Biden are devout, church-gong Catholics who make a point of being seen by the media meeting their weekly obligations for attending mass. Yet the Bidens have a cruel streak in them that manifests itself at Christmastime when children and family become the centerpiece of the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Stockings hung in 2021 over the fireplace mantle in the State Dining Room for only six Biden grandchildren…

2022 display features nine stockings but none for Navy Joan.

For the second year in a row, Joe and Jill Biden have snubbed their young granddaughter Navy Joan by not hanging a Christmas stocking for her at the White House even though stockings were hung for their six other grandchildren as well as their two new pets (dog Commander and cat Willow) and new grandson-in-law Peter Neal. Navy Joan Roberts is the out-of-wedlock daughter of Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts.

Last year the stockings were quietly taken down after the Bidens were called out for their snub of Navy Joan, rather than add one to the six displayed for Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy, Natalie, Hunter and “Baby Beau”.

Jill Biden unveiled the Biden’s 2022 White House Christmas decorations on Monday, including a photo of the Christmas stockings snubbing Navy Joan.

Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering observed a few more stockings were added to last year’s count, but not for Navy Joan, “Last year, they were mocked for featuring their six grandchildren and ignoring their illegitimate grandchild Navy Jones (sic). Looks like Naomi’s new husband Peter gets a stocking this year as well as pets Commander and Willow.”

The White House describes the State Dining Room stocking display as “We the Children”.

State Dining Room – We the Children
Embodied in the idea of We the People is the promise of the next generation. In the State Dining Room, the décor celebrates the childlike wonder that makes the holiday season a favorite time of year for so many. The ornaments on the Christmas trees were crafted as self-portraits by the students of the 2021 Teachers of the Year from across the country, ensuring that children see themselves in this year’s holiday display.

Hanging from the fireplace mantel are the traditional Biden family stockings for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve, always with an orange in the toe (a tradition from the First Lady’s grandmother).

Navy Joan was also snubbed with no invitation to sister Naomi’s White House wedding two weekends ago.

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