Joe Biden Tells Reporters Americans “Want More” of His Inflation Policies Before Shuffling Away (VIDEO)


Joe Biden Friday afternoon told reporters that what gives him the most confidence going into the midterm elections is that Americans want more of his policies.

Biden stopped and spoke to reporters as he prepared to depart San Diego en route to Chicago, Illinois where he will participate in a political reception.

“The thing that gives me the most confidence is the fact that the policies we’ve initiated people care about, they want more!” Biden said to reporters on the tarmac.

The arrogance of this guy! 


Another reporter tried to get Biden’s attention before he shuffled over to Air Force One.

“Mr. President, could I just ask you one quick question?” the reporter queried.

“No,” Biden said.

You said that you were going to meet with the oil companies…” the reporter said.

Biden mumbled something and shuffled away.


Joe Biden spent Thursday and Friday campaigning for Democrats in New Mexico and Southern California.

Biden was a mumbling disaster Thursday evening and Friday.

One of Joe Biden’s last minute pitches to voters in SoCal: Vote Democrat because the Republicans are going to impeach me if they take back the House.

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