Journalist in Chicago Suing Mayor Lori Lightfoot for Revoking His Press Pass – 1st Amendment Be Damned


The first Amendment is the cornerstone of the US Constitution.  It must be protected at all costs. 

Corrupt politicians are beginning to destroy the US Constitution and the First Amendment.  In Chicago a journalist has been removed from press briefings because Mayor Lightfoot doesn’t want him there.

FOX News reports:

A Chicago reporter is taking Mayor Lori Lightfoot to court for her “attack on the First Amendment” after facing a slew of angry responses from the Democratic leader and losing his press credentials. 

“I was asking the obvious questions, and she lost her temper,” journalist William Kelly said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends,” recalling a May exchange when she told him he was “full of crap.”

“Mayor Lightfoot is in re-election mode, and she doesn’t want any more embarrassing questions to go viral. So she revoked my media credential. … This is a very serious constitutional crisis in the city of Chicago.”

In August, Kelly’s media credentials were revoked. He responded by filing a federal lawsuit alleging Lightfoot and Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown violated his First and 14th Amendment rights…

…”She wants to win this case against me and then expand this attack on the First Amendment to all the reporters who ask her real questions or any reporter nationally who would dare to ask a real question of a powerful politician,” Kelly said.

As Kelly addresses this lawsuit, he echoed concerns that his legal battle is a fight to defend the First Amendment.

See video below:

The Gateway Pundit has first-hand knowledge of situations like this.  In Chicago and across the country, corrupt politicians and government employees are working together to prevent tough questions from being asked of individuals who work for us – the American people.

Instead, politicians like Lightfoot threaten, name call and remove good journalists from their press conferences.

Lightfoot is destroying Chicago by the day with violent crimes skyrocketing and she doesn’t want to talk about it and she doesn’t want anyone else talking about it as well. 

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