'Tired of white cis men?' College postpones painting and writing event for people frustrated with straight white men after student backlash

 A private Pennsylvania college has decided to postpone a controversial and discriminatory event for people who are "tired of white cis men" after students spoke out against it, Fox News Digital reported.

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center at Gettysburg College planned to host a painting and writing event for people frustrated with straight white men. The event was offered as part of the college's peace and justice senior project.

The event was scheduled for Saturday, November 12, and flyers posted around campus asked students if they were "tired of white cis men" and requested that they "come paint and write about it."

Any pieces created during the two-hour event were then supposed to be displayed in the school's dining hall for students to view.

According to Young America's Foundation, multiple bias complaints have been filed by students against the event.

Andrew Breschard, a leader of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Gettysburg College, stated, "The fact that the college has permitted an event of this nature contradicts every narrative about inclusion that has been put forth by the college in recent years."

An anonymous former Gettysburg student told Fox News Digital that he believes the private college decided to postpone the event because "they thought they were going to get away with it" until "it got shared on to an Instagram thing with 2 million people."

"As a white, cis male, the fact that basically people are being allowed to discriminate based on sexuality and race is not something that was ever in the Gettysburg that was taught to me," the former student added.

He noted that the event sends a "negative" message to Gettysburg alumni and potential donors. However, he added that he is hopeful the school will seize the opportunity to "push back on some of this wokeness" and teach the next generation to "think critically."

A current student told Fox News Digital that they were "not surprised at all that a poster like this is spread through the college, considering there was a public drag show in the middle of campus three or four weeks prior to this."

"Normally, rhetoric on posters of this nature tends to be more inclusive and welcoming to the target student groups. But this rhetoric is simply divisive," the student added. "The faculty on campus always preaches unity among students on campus but never actually do anything to enact this unity."

The student noted that they "feel as if the school is incompetent" and that the "school no longer allows students to speak freely, they only allow ideas and concerns of students to be heard that fit their ideas that the school would like to promote."

Neither Gettsyburg College nor the school's Gender and Sexuality Resource Center responded to a request for comment, reported Fox News Digital.

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