Corrupt and Criminal Speaker Pelosi to Release President Trump’s Tax Records for No Legal Reason or Constitutional Right on Friday


Nancy Pelosi hates President Trump because he crushed her in every way.  Now the old corrupt America-destroying Rep. from San Francisco is dropping her last corrupt action on the country and against President Trump. 

Nancy Pelosi was for one group of people during her corrupt reign as Speaker of the House.  The bumbling evil woman was all-in for her family and to hell with the rest.

Her family made millions in the markets based on insider information she gave to them.  Her husband Paul made millions while she was Speaker.  Investors began following him because he never picked a loser in the markets. 


When Paul was unable to go with her on a recent trip to Taiwan she brought her son.  She had him join in a secret ‘off the record’ meeting in Taiwan. 

The Pelosis should be investigated for corrupt actions while she was Speaker but this will never happen with this FBI.  These crooks are all part of the same gang.

Instead, Pelosi will illegally for no reason release President Trump’s tax records to the public.  This is totally against the Constitution.  But then again, everything Pelosi did was unconstitutional.

Pelosi’s friends at corrupt CNN reported moments ago:

The House Ways and Means Committee will release former President Donald Trump’s tax returns Friday morning, a source familiar confirmed to CNN.

The returns will be placed into the congressional record on Friday morning during a House pro forma session. That pro forma session will occur around 9 a.m. ET on Friday. There will also be a formal announcement Friday from the committee.

Notice, no mention of the legal reason to do so because there is none, but then again, this is CNN.

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